Meet Stefani



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Stefani is a born and bred New Yorker. She has lived in Los Angeles for 24 years, Silver Lake for 21 years and her current apartment for over 16 years.  She is a freelance Art Director in the entertainment advertising industry, although she makes time for Yoga and meditation on a daily basis. She’s also one to be seen on a dance floor or around LA saving animals.

 Stefani initially moved to the Silver Lake area because it was affordable to artists and musicians. For her, it had a great mix of cultures and lifestyles (as she compares it to NYC). The wave of super gentrification Stefani has witnessed has pushed out many of her great neighbors, including 3rd generation families, has shut down some of her favorite Mom & Pop businesses and in her eyes washed away everything that was authentic, alluring and uniquely cool about the neighborhood.

Stefani received an Ellis Act Eviction after her building sold and investors sought to convert building’s units TIC units. The company most responsible for Ellis Act evictions by TIC conversion is The Rental Girl, who has single handedly brought this real estate “trend” to Los Angeles. Our work with Stefani, and the other tenants at Angus has brought awareness to 6 other buildings bought by the same investor working with The Rental Girl (TRG Realty) to displace long-standing tenants.