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You can see Sally Juarez driving around the streets of Eagle Rock in her stunning 1966 Chevelle Malibu. She’s been a resident of this town since 1973, which is also when  she became a teacher, a profession that lasted decades until her retirement. She has a green thumb she puts to use in her beautiful garden, volunteers at the school she once taught at, and she loves walking into thrift stores. She enjoys spending time with her six grandchildren and one great-grandchild.

She has lived in the same sixteen-unit building, living in the 17th unit as a manager since 1978. When the building sold in last 2017, the new owners let her go as the manager, and have since been trying to evict her without cause. She formed a tenant’s association within her building and has been fighting developers looking to renovate and purchase the building, evicting and intimidating long term residents in the process.

Sally became an active member of the Los Angeles Tenants Union since her first point of harassment from her landlord in 2018. She is loved and revered by all in the NELo Local.

That's my home. That's where I live. That's where I raised my kids by myself when I got divorced. That's you know my whole life, my family lived there. I had seven siblings living in that building. And we all raised our kids, and then they went off and bought homes. That's the kind of owner... that's one of the owners around this neighborhood, and then when they pass these are the people that come in like sharks and just want money. Years ago it was owners wanting people to stay happy in where they lived not feel like they had to leave. “