Meet Mimi



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Mimi Le is a freelance stylist originally from Texas.  She currently resides in Silverlake where she enjoys motorcycle riding with her friends.  Mimi has been in Silverlake for seven years and loves the only neighborhood she has come to know as home in Los Angeles.  

Mimi is active in helping her community fight evictions as it has become a newfound passion upon facing her own Ellis eviction.  Her building was a potential TIC conversion that her landlord was attempting to clear out to sell off along with TRG Realty. The landlord was able to clear out 4 buildings prior to hers.  Mimi and her neighbors maintain their fight to stay.

“All of the fights give me hope, essentially, because when I see people stick up for themselves, when I see people empower themselves to not accept the status quo, that’s a really great moment for me to see people not accept what’s given to them or what’s put in front of them just because somebody said so. “