Meet Mario



(En español aquí)

Originally from Guadalajara, Mexico, Mario Ceballos has lived in Silverlake for over 30 years. He works at a non-profit overseeing program development, seeking grants and proposals, managing the foundation’s projects.  He loves spending time with his two dogs Paloma and Buika and often relaxes in his backyard at the Angus apartments enjoying beautiful skies.

Mario has been a tenant of his current apartment for 17 years. He received an Ellis Act Eviction after his building sold and investors sought to make a profit on the sale of the building’s units via TIC conversion. The company most responsible for Ellis Act evictions by TIC conversion is The Rental Girl, who has single handedly brought this real estate “trend” to Los Angeles. Our work with Mario, and the other tenants at Angus has brought awareness to 6 other buildings bought by the same investor working with The Rental Girl (TRG Realty) to displace long-standing tenants.

 When asked about being a long-term tenant of Silver Lake, Mario answered:

 “The day I moved to Silver Lake over 30 years ago it has been my refuge and celebration of an amazing, racially diverse, accepting, loving community of LGBTQ, straights, leathers, artists, of all sorts of family structures. Silver Lake is a special place in this wonderful but troubled world.”

“You know it's been a difficult process because who ended up buying the property is somebody who has millions of dollars and can easily purchase our building and many more, but has no sense of, or interest in, knowing who we are or what our community is like, what Silver Lake is like, you know what it's like to be able to say hello to your neighbors not just within your building but across the street. And so yeah that's where we are now, dealing with the reality of being evicted.”