Meet Lois



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Lois is a lifelong resident of Los Angeles. Born in Inglewood, she has lived in Westchester and now in Mid-City. She is a retired costume designer and costume illustrator of over 30 years. She sings in the Ebell Chorale currently, but started singing at the Renaissance Pleasure Faire, where she has been involved for decades. Though she would not call it a hobby, she’s said her current vocation now seems to be tenants’ rights activism and she is very glad to have found this outlet for her energies. As a long-time resident of Mid-City, she is here to fight the for tenant’s rights and against the destruction of our heritage and culture in Los Angeles.  She has lived in her current apartment for almost 15 years withstanding landlord harassment for the past 5 years.

“I try to enjoy my home. I do what I can. It's very difficult when that person is there and you know that what they want most in the world is to take your home away from you and doesn't really seem to realize that that is my home. And a lot of these landlords are like this; they act like it's their house and they're doing you a favor letting you live there.”