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Originally from Williamsburg, Va – Kelley King and her Husband Robb moved from New York to Los Angeles over 18 years ago. They have lived in Los Feliz longer than any other city in their lives.  For Kelley, Los Feliz was a welcoming neighborhood where she made many friends, got to know the community and shop owners, started a family, and planted a beautiful Meyer lemon tree that is now mature. She is an avid reader, a talented cook and her passion is entertaining friends at home.

Kelley and her family lived in their Bungalow apartment in Los Feliz for over 10 years before being Ellis Acted by new owners. Investors bought her building alongside 5 others (who were also evicted) to make a profit in TIC Sales.

“I feel unsettled not having a home that is under my control to keep as my home. That is very unsettling knowing that if they give us an offer we may have to move in 30 days or 60 days or 90 days. The terms will be determined by them, and us if we decide to accept the cash for keys. So it can happen quickly or it can just drag out indefinitely. And as a result it's hard to know what to do in terms of us living there, so we've just decided just to accept that we're living there and live there as though we aren't moving until we definitively know we have to move and have a move out date. Because otherwise it was just too stressful. We've spent two months being completely stressed out.”