Katie and Steve


Katie and Steve

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Steve and Katie moved to Los Angeles from Chicago and St. Louis and currently reside in Silverlake with their two cats that they adore. They were married in October of 2018 and lightheartedly laugh about having to plan a wedding around a pending Ellis eviction. The two met in Los Angeles and bounced around multiple apartments with roommates until they finally settled into a rent controlled apartment and was able to call it home.

Katie: “I was very much the person that was like I will deal with all the paperwork and I will call the numbers and I will do all this organizational stuff and educate myself as best I can and Steve was the one who built the bridge with the neighbors i thought.. He actually went out and talked to everyone and connected with everyone. I did inevitably too but I felt like you were the one to do that first.”

Steve: “I feel like I was just shaking my fist at the sky being like ‘how could this happen to us?!’ and then realizing it’s happening to a lot more people.”

Katie: …. And in some cases a way worse capacity too, i mean, they’re living essentially in a place that is uninhabitable and then having this happen to them.