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Kathy has was born in El Segundo and has lived in Los Angeles County her entire life - 86 years. She went to Los Angeles High School and UCLA and later worked in the garment business for 30 years. She actually invented the STRING BIKINI!!! She had been living in her apartment in Silver Lake since 1986 until she recently fell ill and moved temporarily to her sister’s historic home in Los Feliz where her niece Robbin helped her rehabilitate. During this period, Kathy’s landlord Hans issued her an eviction notice even though she had planned to return to her apartment. Kathy and Robbin spoke with Phoebe Unter and Terra Graziani about their experience.

Kathy lived in her building for 35 years and recently received an Ellis Act Eviction after the building sold and investors sought to convert building’s units TIC units. The company most responsible for Ellis Act evictions by TIC conversion is The Rental Girl, who has single handedly brought this real estate “trend” to Los Angeles. Our work with Kathy, and the other tenants at Angus has brought awareness to 6 other buildings bought by the same investor working with The Rental Girl (TRG Realty) to displace long-standing tenants.