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Juliana was born and raised in Los Feliz.  She is 13 years old and lived in the same bungalow with her family for 10 of those 13 years. She is interested in the arts, including drawing and dancing plus she is an avid reader.  She was a student in Los Feliz until she and her family were Ellis Acted from their homes in 2018.

In her words, this was her experience living in Los Feliz…

“Los Feliz is the only place I have ever lived. I had a lot of friends there and would go out with them to ice cream shops. I loved spending time at the Los Feliz library and at Skylight Books and Wacko's Soap Plant. I liked to take walks around the neighborhood with my dad when the sun was going down. I also liked hiking in Griffith Park and the bat caves and playing tennis by the merry-go-round and visiting the Observatory. Los Feliz was a fun place to grow up!”