Meet Julia



(En español aquí)

Julia has lived in Eagle Rock for almost 10 years. She is married to Dane Johnson who is also interviewed in this series. She is a professional photographer by day and a ballet dancer enthusiast by night. She has been taking Spanish classes since 2015 when she took a trip to Cuba to explore her family history. She is an active Los Angeles Tenants Union member within the North East Local, where she loves meeting and connecting to the members of her community.  When she’s not photographing, dancing or learning Spanish, she’s with her friends or her niece in a park somewhere.

Julia lived in her apartment for 6 years before being Ellis Acted by a new owner.  She left her apartment, not fully able to fight the battle from the inside, but once in a new spot picked up the issue again. She was able to meet with the new owners of her building and put pressure alongside LATU and the Working Group organization to let her 70 year old neighbor stay in her home. She now works with other tenants to spread the word on the housing crisis – hoping to dispel preconceived notions about what it is and who it really effects.