Meet Jon



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Jon is originally a Bostonian, but having lived in Los Angeles for over 14 years, his appearance and countenance has shaped him to seem very Californian. He is a voice actor by day and a musician, recording and performing by night.

 Having lived in his current apartment for almost 13 years, Jon feels strongly about the deep roots he has laid down in his Silver Lake community and is obviously disturbed about being displaced from his home in the name of investor profit. He received an Ellis Act Eviction after his building sold and investors sought to convert building’s units TIC units. The company most responsible for Ellis Act evictions by TIC conversion is The Rental Girl, who has single handedly brought this real estate “trend” to Los Angeles. Our work with Jon, and the other tenants at Angus has brought awareness to 6 other buildings bought by the same investor working with The Rental Girl (TRG Realty) to displace long-standing tenants.

“It was very upsetting. It was not what I saw coming. Our building knew when our landlord was putting the unit on the market, and after it was sold, he assured us that everything was going to be ok, that we’d just be paying rent to another landlord. But then one day these guys show up, knock on my door with long faces and this manilla envelope and say “by the way, you’re being kicked out and here are your options.” They gave us the cursory amount of time. They gave us 120 days, but they also gave us these sort of paltry sums if we would move out sooner so they could flip our building. But it was sort of an insulting offer based on, it was just a very automatic “let’s get these people out of here, let’s sweeten the deal with a couple of grand extra.” But we’ve all been there 12 years plus, and it’s a major upheaval, not only financially but more so emotionally.“