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Dee Ann

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Dee Ann grew up in Kansas City. She works as an actress which brought her to Los Angeles from New York in 2004. She moved into a French Normandie Chateau-esque building in the Beverly-Fairfax neighborhood in 2005, where she lived for 14 years. Dee Ann organized neighbors to fight their evictions, attempting to protect the building as a Historic Cultural Monument. The building was demolished and Dee Ann, her husband and their young daughter now live in Sherman Oaks.

“But I just felt morally it was just wrong. It's just unethical. And it's wrong. And it was in my backyard literally so I just felt I had to stand up even though it was extremely trying and hard on, you know, the relationships, your personal relationships, and even the time I had with my daughter. Ironically to this day she asks about the old building. I think even at the age of two she was very aware what was happening. I mean to some degree. And she misses her old home. She says that.”