Meet Collier


Meet Collier

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Originally from Ohio, Collier Landry moved to LA to pursue his career in filmmaking.  He is a cinematographer and has lived in SIlverlake for six years. Collier enjoys riding his Triumph Tiger up Angeles Crest in his spare time.  

Collier loves his neighbors and the mini community it has become.  His building was a potential TIC conversion that his landlord was attempting to clear out to sell off along with TRG Realty. The landlord was able to clear out 4 buildings prior to his.  He and his neighbors maintain their fight to stay.

“It brings down neighborhoods, it breaks up neighborhoods. People that have been living there for years and years and years that all of a sudden are expatriated for lack of a better word from their communities, in a way, because they don't have a place to live and they can't find–you know going to find another apartment in this city, I would pay twice as much as what I'm paying now. “