Chris Estrada


Chris Estrada

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Chris hails from Calexico, Mexicali, and El Paso, TX and has lived in Pasadena for the past ten years, and in his current apartment for 6 years. His apartment is not currently rent-controlled but he has been lucky to have a landlord who has not raised his rent too much. He is waiting anxiously for the day then he will have to fight a massive rent increase. Chris is a Community Organizer with the Los Angeles Center for Community Law and Action (LACCLA). Before joining LACCLA, he was a high school teacher teaching philosophy, Marxist theory, cultural theory, math and science. He has also volunteered with the Los Angeles Tenants Union, Pasadena Tenants Union, and Democratic Socialists of America. Chris enjoys reading too much, mostly keeping up on Marxist theory. Also, dancing and listening to all types of music, including disco, house, new wave, shoegaze, dream pop, and alt/indie rock.

A bit more about LACCLA: LACCLA organizes buildings and neighborhoods in Los Angeles County and beyond to push back against the displacement of low-income residents from their communities. They also provide free legal services where necessary in support of our organizing campaigns. They seek to create an environment where lawyers, organizers, and members of the public collaborate on coherent strategies to sustain healthy, affordable, and united neighborhoods.