Meet Carolina



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Carolina is a lifelong resident of Unincorporated East LA and a member of the Los Angeles Center for Community Law and Action. We spoke to her on the eve of her trial in federal court — which also happened to be on her birthday. She recounts the various habitability issues and rent increases she has faced, and how one neighbor convinced her to fight for her right to safe and affordable housing.

“Rent control. We all need it. It's not only me. There's a lot of families out there that need rent control. I mean it's a start to get some type of protection for lower income families. It's hard but we do need some type of protection because not everyone has money and there's a lot of people out there that are suffering and are living out there, under the bridge with their babies, their children. So my message is that. If you're going through something, there's free lawyers. And they're willing to help. There's organizations -- ACCE, Vecinos Unidos -- a lot of organizations out there that are willing to help you. You're not alone. We're here and we're all united.”