Meet Barry



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Baruch Kellman is a historic site manager for the Viviana building in DTLA and currently resides in Westlake with his dogs Chopper and Lala.  Barry was evicted from his apartment in Echo Park a week before Christmas and opted to leave to reduce the stress level of finding a new place- his building was converted to TICs and sold off individually by TRG Realty and his landlord.    

Barry absolutely loved his neighbors on Valentine St and states he would have never left Echo Park and feels that they truly broke up a family.  Barry realizes it is all business for real estate agents and their clients who are real estate speculators, but he hopes they know a great community was torn apart in the name of profit.  

“Got the eviction notice a week before Christmas. So that was really... Yeah that was such a shock. I mean it's like wow this really is the holidays you know like wow. So yeah. It put me into a tailspin you know. And then I moved out though within the first three weeks of it. Yeah because I deal with anxiety and also just concerned about my dogs and stuff because Chopra has anxiety as well, like Dad. So I just hustled and found an apartment within three weeks I got my buyout and then we moved to Westlake.”